White Supremacy a game

That's played by some elite whites

On less fortunate whites;

Using Blacks as an illusion

For less fortunate whites

To feel superior

But in reality

Both less fortunate whites

And Blacks

Are being played on

One against the other

And it's only because of

Misinformation and pride

That we fail to come together

 Orlando Bryant, 94A4118

Orlando Bryant 96A4118 Eastern Correctional Facility

Abdur Rahman Bilal "pseud."

Copyright 2000




You went to Africa and stole

A people; you brought them here

And you niggerized them.


You taught them to despise their homeland

(Mother Africa). you raped some, you taught

The light skin to hate the dark skin, and you

Taught the curly head to hate the nappy head.


The ones you raped you kept in your houses;

the others you kept in the feilds.  And most

Of all you taught them all to love you, their

Master-- you are the master of niggerization. 



Working in Pennsylvania Station,

On the 11 to 7 shift,

Hearing the conductors call the names of towns:

Ronkonkama, Montauk Point, and Washington D.C.

Seeing the movers and shakers

Of Wall Street, running for their trains.

Seeing movie stars and TV personalities.

When the games were over at Madison Square Garden,

There's no telling who I might see.

Sometimes my imagination would take over:

That could be me,

Running for the ideal

House and two car garage,

Wife, two and a half kids,

And a dog

Waiting for me.

Can you imagine that?

And back to reality.

The mole people begin to come out.

Let me explain who the mole people are:

There is a segment of our population

Who live underground.

Pennsylvania Station has many levels of track that are

Not being used.

Two worlds passing in the night.

I have never been to Ronkonkama or Montauk Point.

But I have met old school mates,

Coming out of those dark underground tunnels.

A thought comes to my mind:

That could be me.


This poem was published in "PRISON WORLD MAGAZINE" June 2010

Orlando Bryant 96A4118



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