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July 15, 2012

The Correctional Association of New York
2090 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., Suite 200,
New York, NY 10027
t: 212.254.5700
f: 212.473.2807

Re: Meeting with the Executive Director


Dear Ms. Elijah,

       Per your instruction I am placing my request to meet with you in writing. The purpose of meeting with you is to put into action the advancement of prison reform and to present you with my proposal and information I have collected as an advocate providing crisis intervention to the NYS and PA prison population and their families. Furthermore, in spite of my disability my supporters strongly suggest that I provide an effective and necessary service to prisoners and their families.    My immediate goals are  to combine our efforts to expedite prison reform.  

      Apparently according to information promoted by your Organization the Correctional Association provides an array of services and by employing and enforcing a strategic model of research, policy analysis, prison-monitoring, coalition building, leadership development and advocacy, the CA’s overarching goals are to:


·      ensure that conditions in prisons are humane and that the rights of incarcerated individuals and their families are protected;

·      promote transparency and accountability in the justice system and hold government and prison officials responsible for reform; and

·      change the power-dynamics of policy-making and provide opportunities for the people most affected by incarceration to become leaders and active participants in efforts for reform.

      Accordingly we have at our disposal numerous agencies including but not limited to the New York State Police, local Police Departments and District Attorney’s Offices including Congress who in conjunction have a duty owed to the NYS prison population to provide the level of enforcement that appears to be missing in each and every legally established agency I have contacted who  all proclaim to provide  identical professional services and assistance to the NYS prison population.

      Without the cooperation and assistance of the proper authorities and the state  how can any agency be reasonably expected to accomplish effective oversight and it is absolute fraud for us as agencies to offer services and protection and not provide said services.  Therefore, Mothers Against Institutional Negligence Inc. and all of our constituents are obligated by oath to eradicate the systemic horrors of indecency and  racism plaguing our NYS prison system starting at the administrative level.

       I do look forward to the outcome of our combined efforts once our differences can put aside and the real work can begin because every day that passes and while we let our pride stand before us young men are dehumanized with rape, torture, abuse, starvation and murdered by people who aren’t even capable of the behaviors expected of rational adults and who lack largely  the qualifications to carry out the duties that we as fiduciaries oversee and have the responsibility and authority to address.

      Ninth Amendment: (1) The enumeration of certain Rights, in the Constitution, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People.

Yours truly,

Regina Lewis President and Founder



Corporate Counsel Michael Sussman


Office of the State Comptroller
110 State Street
Albany, NY 12236













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