America is a democracy and every citizen or who within the jurisdiction thereof constitutes the majority hence the nature of Democracy.  


      Democracy is defined as an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state ... Democracy has been replaced with Bureaucracy a system full of shiftless, and un-intellectual people who would be better served in prison themselves because stupidity is a prison.


(1) The enumeration of certain Rules, in the Constitution, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.



(1) Powers not Delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States, are reserved to the States or to the States People.  

      In spite of the U. S. Justice Department and over 1000 entities entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that State government, its employees and those who work with the state meet the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and efficiency and over 34 special investigative entities authorized and elected by the Governor for the purpose of prevention, detection, response and investigation of criminal and sexual abuse or sexual threats, or any act of retaliation against an inmate for reporting an incident of sexual abuse or for participating in an investigation of an allegation of sexual abuse, including prompt and effective intervention to address the safety and treatment needs of an inmate victim of sexual abuse, and the investigation, discipline and prosecution of the aggressor(s). NYS prisoners statewide continue to suffer systemic unreported sexual abuse, violent and life threatening assaults and to have their property destroyed, legal documents confiscated, and to be assaulted in retaliation for filing complaints and even charged criminally for assault on staff when evidence suggest otherwise.  I find many prisoners remain in the S.H.U. (Special Housing Unit) long after they have been cleared by the sentencing courts of assault on staff.

      Furthermore, prisoners are double bunked with rivals or other high risk inmates when according to Directive 4003 1701.5 # 4II it specifically states not to double bunk inmates with assaultive behavior/ assaults on other inmates with weapons. Directive #4003 1701.5 # III specifically states [in part] not to double bunk inmates with a pattern of violence/or intentional depraved infliction of extreme physical pain resulting in serious physical injury to anyone victim. We know this is why many inmates refuse to double bunk violating a direct order.

      Many prisoners to avoid starvation change their religion to Jewish so the food trays are sealed to prevent officers from contaminating the food as they do with the regular food with spit urine and feces.

      Mothers Against Institutional Negligence Incorporation is a registered Agent according to the NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations and State Records in Albany NY establishing M.A.I.N. as a legal entity and not a third party. As a registered agent those operating through M. A. I. N. are authorized to exercise authority over DOCS a power established through legislation dating back to the 1800’s. As a legal entity M.A.I.N. representatives are empowered to represent through advocacy and address issues on behalf of the NYS prison population or individuals incarcerated who contact M.A.I.N.  is also a constituent of the Prisoners Legal Services and the Correctional Association of New  York who have a responsibility to acknowledge and to assist us with our mission to address the urgent needs of the marginalized, silenced and indigent people in our criminal and juvenile justice systems.

      M.A.I.N. proposes workable alternative proposals and offering our monitoring results & policy recommendations in making the administration of justice in New York State more fair, efficient and humane.



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